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Mandalay Apartments



Resident · 2013
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Office Staff
Mandalay is one of those "too good to be true" places. I was swayed to move here because it appeared to be reasonably priced for the amenities it offered. I figured that the price reduction was simply because of its location. Turned out, however, that the rent on my lease wasn't the bottom line I paid each month. Rather, the amount would arbitrarily fluctuate month to month. While the amount rarely exceeded 200.00, it was the lack of transparency by the staff regarding these charges that made it so frustrating. Aside from additional fees being tacked onto my rent, it was also difficult to sleep and/or relax without hearing my neighbors above me. These apartments appear to be poorly made. Walking and talking could be heard above me on a daily basis. This became a big issue when I found myself at night trying to sleep for a few hours before going to work/class. Getting up feeling unrested was a horrible feeling. In order for me to get enough sleep, I had to change my sleeping schedule so that it would better match those who lived above me. It's worth mentioning that my neighbors weren't particularly loud people, but when you combine talking and walking at random intervals throughout the day and night, it became quite distracting and difficult to hit REM sleep and/or relax at home. Crime seemed to be worse for those on the bottom floor and vehicles not in garages. Moving out was another one of those nickel and dime situations. Regardless of the condition you leave your apartment, expect them to bill you. If you do decide to move here, I would advise you to plan on having 400-700 on reserve for moving out costs. When I added up the additional fees, moving out cost, and gas driving the extra distance to my destinations, the apartment was a bad pick. A horrible staff and sleepless nights only reinforced my impression of this place. For those considering Mandalay, I would encourage otherwise. Emily and the Mandalay staff fail to provide the communal atmosphere that one should expect from even a mediocre apartment complex. For those whom stubbornly believe that this review is the exception, as opposed to the norm at Mandalay, then I would encourage you to at least learn from my mistakes: (1) If you're told something by the staff, get it in writing. Otherwise, don't rely upon it. They're quick to contradict themselves, especially if they can get a few dollars out of you. (2) During your initial walk through, mark up everything wrong with the apartment (e.g. scratches, *dirty floors*, something improperly working, etc..). Regardless of what Emily or the staff may tell you (see point (1) above), it's in your best interest to be meticulous during your initial walk through. Rule of thumb: If it isn't in pristine condition, then you need to mark it up. Do not cut them a break, because they will not return the favor when you move out. Note* The lines are small on the form they give you, so don't be afraid to write on the back of the paper. (3) Expect your rent to fluctuate arbitrarily, so make sure the additional costs won't be crippling to you financial disposition. (4) Get an apartment on the top floor. This should help with your sleeping, but don't be surprised to have the police knock on your door. I had a couple of friends living here in different apartments. It wasn't uncommon for us to hear the police at night knocking on the door of someone across the hallway telling them to keep it down.
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Mandalay Apartments

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