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Jamie56 • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/09/2005
I have lived here for nearly 2 years now, and I can say that there are both good and bad things about this place. <br><br>As far as maintenance goes, I've had no problems. In fact, my air conditioner went out one night and they came out and fixed it right away. <br><br>The trash not being picked up because of none payment due to Hurricane Katrina was hard for me to swallow. Especially when my friend lives at another one of MBS's properties and they have little to no money for maintaning the property either.<br><br>The pool used to be a relaxing place to be on weekends. Now there are so many people out there, you're lucky if you can find a place to sit! Not to mention the old guy that hangs out at all hours in his tiny speedo, leaving little to the imagination!<br><br>The concierge is never there and when they are, seldom do they know there head from their butt so to say. Besides them, the management has been good to me. Although there are quite a bit of new faces I don't know much about, I can say that I leased because of Erin and stayed because of Valerie. They are always helpful in getting my requests done in a timly manner. Not to mention that they always remember my name and apartment number without me having to say so. Many of the residents have said the same about them both. <br><br>Whomever thought it funny to say that one of the girls looked like a cartoon character was clearly immature, and I find it funny that the tenants whom are writing these insanely inapropriate and immature comments about the girls also choose to remain anonymous. <br><br>I can only hope that the rumor about MBS not paying their employees and some of their paychecks bouncing is a lie. If it is true then perhaps this is the reason they are unhappy there. <br><br>
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