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Resident · 2011 - 2013
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Hi, I lived at the Villages of Sage Creek for about 2 1/2 years. I never encountered any serious issues during my time there. I had the AC unit go out one time (the drainage thing was clogged)- I called the next morning on a Sunday & someone was out within about four hours & had it working just fine. No issues with the appliances during the stay - they're the basic white/white whirlpool (matching & current but nothing fancy). Above average cabinets in my opinion - nothing fancy, but not that super cheap stuff. No bug problems or anything like that (I think I called once for them to come spray after I noticed a cockroach under the sink, but no pests inside other than that single occurrence). Pretty quiet community - no obnoxious noise. Very reasonable rent in my opinion. Moved into the largest 2/2 for $850, 2 leases later, I moved out @ $925 I think. Probably average carpet - I think it could have been replaced when I moved in, but it was ok. No crazy stains or holes or anything like that. The negatives: People drive way too fast inside the community. I swear people would zip around at 30 mph - really dangerous. The leasing office should install stop signs at a few places. The rear exit gate was often broken - always kind of irritated me. I think people were intentionally disabling the motor or something, in order to keep the gate open & used for entry. I don't know that, but the way the chain would be hanging outside of the motor casing just looked odd. I noticed the "caliber" of residents decline over time - but it could be I just didn't notice until after a year or so. Then again, you usually don't attract quality tenants when leasing 2/2 1,150 sqft apartments for $850 Honestly, that's about it. I think the Leasing staff is great. Mike, Jordan & Allyson were always very helpful. Great maintenance service - please note, I change my own ac filters & I buy my own drano - unclog my own drains, etc...that's who I am - I always help keep up the places I live. So overall, If you're looking to live in far north Austin & want the most square footage bank-for-your-buck, I'd recommend the Villages of Sage Creek. I'm happy to answer any questions or provide additional detail. Thanks, DR
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Marquis Parkside

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