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Resident · 2015 - 2016
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Office Staff
VOSC used to be a quiet place to relax and enjoy your afternoon after a long day of work...not anymore! Families are moving in with their noisy children. Parents allow their kids to scream their lungs out. On Saturday mornings around 7 AM, (Yes, the little kids are up that early) they are up making a lot of noise and SCREAMING from one corner of the buildings to the other. Parents do it, too, when looking for their children. Unbelievable! Like I said, parents need to be held accountable for their children and they need to keep close supervision instead of allowing them to roam around the parking lot with their bicycles, and running around. Management has been informed about the safety concern. This is just an accident waiting to happen. Who are they going to blame? Finding a parking space is out of the question unless you pay for a carport like I do. Got tired of not finding a spot so I opted to pay the 35 dollar fee as taxis overtake most of the spots. This morning, I counted 27 taxis just in one side of the apartments. Like I stated before, it USED to be a good place up until recently. Think twice, because once you sign that lease agreement you are bound to it. Oh, by the way, my one year lease was up and sure enough, my rent went up 75 dollars.
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