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Mesa Verde Apartments



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Office Staff
badsneakers • Resident 2006 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 01/19/2007
OK, first of all the parking, which deserves mention the most. I didn't rate it "total nightmare", because I have seen places where you have to drive around 20 minutes to find ANY space. This is not that bad, but it's not good either. Unless you leave work at 4pm, expect to often have to park 2 or 3 buildings away, maybe worse in some cases. However, there are always empty reserved (read: "extra charge") carport spaces and there are plenty of garages. The most rational approach if moving here is to plan to rent a carport or garage and factor that cost into the rent. You should be able to get a spot close to your apartment, since this complex was obviously designed with the thought, "Hey, let's make parking into a revenue stream!". It does help that the rates for garages and carports are pretty reasonable here compared to some complexes.<br><br>The only other real negative is the proximity to Mopac. It's RIGHT ON Mopac. I live on the back side of one the buildings in the back. I never hear Mopac from within my apartment. But if you lived in one of the buildings at the front (and half of them are), you'd hear it.<br><br>However, there is a good side to being right on Mopac: the way everything is laid out, you can go right out the apartment parking lot onto the service road. Then -- get this -- you can merge directly onto southbound Mopac without so much as a stop sign between you and open freeway. Or you can exit the parking lot at the same place, do the U-turn under Mopac, and merge onto northbound Mopac ALSO without having to endure a single stop sign or light. That's pretty darned convenient for the morning commute.<br><br>Now, for the other notable positive: the air conditioners are high-efficiency heat pumps, and they have those Austin Energy programmable thermostats. Even in September, my electric bill has never hit $100, and it averages about $75, and I keep the apartment at whatever temperature I like without much regard for how much energy it uses.<br><br>What else? The walls are about average for an apartment. I hear my upstairs neighbors if they stomp or drop something. But I'm not aware of having ever heard my next-door neighbors. The management staff is fine. They're not the best management I've ever had anywhere, but I've had much worse, and they basically do their jobs and have most things under control. Maintenance has been fine. My dishwasher and a few other things didn't work when I moved in. Ideally, they'd have caught all that stuff during a walk-through before I moved in, but they did fix everything. (They gave me a completely new dishwasher.)<br><br>Oh yeah, amenities. There are two pools. They are both nice, and the front one in particular is fairly big. There's no hot tub, but as I understand it, basically no new (or new-ish) communities have them because they've stopped putting them in for liability reasons. There's also a dog park, a tennis court, racquetball court, a basketball court (indoors), sand volleyball court, and two bbq areas, all of which are nice. The fitness room is adequate but that's about all I can say for it.
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Mesa Verde Apartments

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