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Monterey Ranch

4701 Staggerbrush Road

Austin, TX 78749



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4wha---sworth • Resident 2001 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 10/27/2005
I have found the staff to be pretty good mostly, and really busy at other times. This apartment complex is pretty large, with 3 separate "areas". I've always found the maintenance and grounds people to be pretty good and pretty attentive to their jobs. <br><br>It's nice having 2 fitness centers, several pools, tennis courts, and even a walking trail. I've been reading the other reviews, and I can't say that I've ever heard or seen problems with car burglaries, etc....but perhaps there is a problem I'm not aware of...all I can say is I haven't seen it. I do see patrols by a security company most nights if I am out walking...so, I figure things are relatively safe....I think perhaps people forget that if you leave valuables in your car a robbery could occur, but I think that can be said for most anywhere. <br><br>I do agree that the gates are not always working, but I believe that's most likely from people trying to "slip through" the wrong side of the gate...which I see occasionally. I can say that the gates are always repaired again and again, pretty promptly. I even remember when the gates were "re-enforced" or rather, made heavier with extra metal (and painted to stand out more)...most likely to keep cars from running into them, and again, pushing them off their tracks --perhaps they just need to be made faster? : - ) .<br><br>As for the apartments themselves, they are not "super duper outstanding" in their amenties, etc...but they are not run-down and they are nice. I have lived in two different apartments here with two different floorplans, and so I've had a chance to get a true feel for what is offered here. From what I've experienced, everything is always pretty plain white inside, light colored carpet...perhaps one light fixture installed...from there, they let you install light fixtures or ceiling fans (they will install such things for you too) as you choose. I like that the apartments have built-in dsl alongside the phone lines (I used that for a little while before going with roadrunner), and I like that the apartments surround a Cingular Wireless (was AT&T) Tower (no need for a "landline"). I know that they do monthly pest control, and they always let you know if they need to do the yearly safety inspection, etc. ahead of time...and, if you request maintenance for anything, they always leave a note letting you know they were there.<br><br>Overall, I would say I am pleased with this apartment complex. I've renewed about 4 times, with very little problems -- and I think they have improved in this respect....the only problem I really had was with wanting to keep the same end date for my next lease once....and you know what?...before I could contact them back, they contacted me and basically recanted with..."hey, no problem". I think I have always received a fair deal, but I don't think I would say these apartments are "not expensive"...they do cost a little more perhaps than some people are comfortable with...but, I think they are fair on their pricing.<br><br>If I could change anything here, it would be the trash situation. In an effort to keep things looking nice, the complex was designed with very few places to take your trash...instead you have perhaps just a couple of large trash areas with a large compactor, recycling area, all made to look like....well...basically to not be noticeable really as a "trash can" or trash dumpster. The goal is noble, but the reality is that it feels weird to take your trash bags out to your car, drive to the trash area, and then dispose of your trash. But again, this was how the complex was designed...the only way to resolve it would be to install more "trash areas"...<br><br>So, basic summary here: it's not perfect, but I think I get my money's worth...and I enjoy living here. I always look around when my lease nears it's end (hey, why not right?)...but I have not found anything compelling enough to pull me away.<br><br>Hope this helps....
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Monterey Ranch

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