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Northland at Stonehollow



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 02/03/2007
We were at The Amli at Stonehollow for <br>6months, We were in the buildings closest to ACC. and although we could hear the buses, and the BOOM BOOM from the cars going by everything else was quiet. We were on the first floor, and had an attatched garage, which we enjoyed. The AC units were right by our windows, but were not noisy at all. <br>the only bad things at the Amli are, you can hear the elephants upstairs, and the guy across the hall who thinks He is the next AMERICAN IDOL. And thy will not refund you your grocery bill if their refrigerator goes out.and nobody has the decency to pick up after there pets. and that's because there are poop bags offered.<br> And the security gates work when they want. <br>out of the 6months that we were there the fence worked 65% of the time. So secure it is not. I will give them credit for there GYM it is one of the nicest, and cleanest.<br>We liked the area, and the bus P/U is at every corner. We would recommend this area to anyone, but pick and choose where your apratment is located.
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Northland at Stonehollow

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