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Northland at the Arboretum

11500 Jollyville Road

Austin, TX 78759



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/14/2007
Like many of the comments on here - my biggest complaint would have to be with the office staff. They were so very nice in the beginning, but after the lease was signed, they were extremely flaky.<br><br>All in all, I have enjoyed my stay here. I know that several people complained about noise. I guess it just depends on luck of the draw and where your unit ends up, because this has been the quietest apartment that I've ever lived in. The unit was very clean when we moved in, and the grounds are fairly well kept.<br><br>The parking is a pain. The spaces directly in front of the units are supposed to be "compact only" spaces. My sister drives a compact, and her car barely fits. My poor roommate has a truck and she either has to park really far away or take up two spaces. <br><br>The hot tub is disgusting. If it's not filthy, it's so over-chlorinated that your swimsuit will be a shade lighter the next day.<br><br>Finally - 2 weeks ago my Jeep was stolen from the parking lot here. the ladies in the office were completely unsympathetic. I had to cancel my bank account because of the theft on Jan. 2, and called the office to let them know that my mother was going to mail a check b/c I had to freeze my checking acct, and they told me that I was going to incur late fees if my mom didn't overnight it, even though they knew that my Jeep had just been stolen the night before. What's worse - our "security gate" (which anyone can tailgate through) wasn't working the night my jeep was stolen. I think that the worst part of it was, though, they made no effort to notify other residents so that they could be watchful of their own vehicles. <br><br>Overall I enoyed living here, I just hope that these comments help future residents
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Northland at the Arboretum

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