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Office Staff
Old-Lady-in-Bldg1 • Resident 2001 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 10/28/2005
Puhleese! Enough already! Why do you all sign "Anonymous"? Scared? or just plain Chicken? You say you saw the old manager work until 10pm? She had her lights on but had all her blinds closed! How can you tell, because her truck is in the parking lot? PUHLEESE! I have seen her many an evening change into Club Clothes and leave in another vehicle, but she would leave her office lights on!!! Unless you were her or in her office at 10pm, you don't know jack! I should know because my apartment looks directly at her office and her smoking area, where she spent most of the daytime office hours by the way. If she really was a hard worker, how come nothing was ever really done? If you call "smoking" work, I guess, she was hard at it. She was most of the time late for work, out for appointments, meetings or shopping at Target. Working? Really! I have never seen her walk the complex or out of her office bldg except when she was smoking or when her Bosses would visit, and then she was so busy kissing you know what she did not know whether she was squatting, sitting, standing, on her knees or even where to start.<br><br>This complex is the greatest. True, the buildings are old, but the location is great and the management personnel are super! True, the old staff were absolutely horrible. The "Crack -----" (all those tattooes will tell on you)is gone, the "Blonde" is gone (with all her tattooes too), and the old lazy lying maintenance super is gone too! But everyone in the office now are all new, very nice, very efficient, very experienced, and great at their jobs. They have fired the old staff. We now have a new manager, assistant manager and office staff. They even fired the last laziest of all maintenance supervisor! The maintenance staff are all new but the new maintenance supervisor used to work here but transferred back and WE ARE ALL VERY HAPPY! He knows his job and he is a workaholic! <br>And if you wonder how I know this, well, I am the old lady at bldg 1, I am retired and stay home all day, so I should know who works and who doesn't.<br><br>You want to talk about noise? Let me tell you, my apartment is the closest to the pool, and I have no complaints. Most of those who use the pool are considerate. Sometimes, they have a little too much fun, and forget, but when reminded, they quiet down quick. So unless you have a partying neighbor, just do what the old manager used to intimidate the senior citizen renters with so she would not have to do jack, "You can always move out". Enough said. Where else can you live so convenient to everything at so pleasant an atmosphere with a pleasant management staff and so inexpensive a price? The BROADMOOR!!
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