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Park Lane Villas



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Office Staff
Resident 2000 - 2001 Recommended
Reviewed 04/11/2002
I lived here for a year. One thing I can say, the apartment was clean when we moved in and had new carpet and nice tile floor. Our refrigerator was not working properly and it was replaced promptly. The apartments are very spacious for the money but it is clear why they are so cheap. <br> <br>I never had many problems with maintenence. During the winter, we ran out of hot water sometimes. As far as pests, I saw a roach maybe 3 or 4 times throughout the year, only once still alive. Pest control comes frequently and I don´t really have any complaints. <br> <br>These apartments have 2 drawbacks: <br> <br>1. ugly. The inside is typical of most apartments but the outside is ugly, the landscaping is awful, and the parking lot is hideous (my view was of the parking lot) <br> <br>2. NOISY. There are a lot of students here and they like to party. Our upstairs neighbors had parties frequently and I could hear every single thing that went on up there. We complained to management but they never really did anything. Since I was by the parking lot, there were people walking by at all hours of the night, usually drunk, making loud noises and just generally being obnoxious. I did not feel safe leaving my window open. They would often break the light outside our front door; I think it was replaced at least 5 times throughout the year. <br> <br>If you are looking for a cheap place, don´t mind noise, and don´t need aesthetics, then Park Lane Villas is not that bad of a place.
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Park Lane Villas

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