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Park West Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 1997 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/28/2005
We are FINALLY getting out of this place. We have lived here since 1997, and had various problems with poor maintenance, but like everyone else, we thought Melissa was great. <br><br>Our two main problems with the place have been the excessive noise and the frequent power outages. <br><br>The soundproofing on these apartments is horrible. We have been in agony for several years because of the excessive noise. We hear(and understand every word of) our upstairs'neighbors' conversations, for goodness sake, and every step they take, including the dog's, reverberates through out ceiling. When they drop something it is extremely startling. Late at night there is always some hoodlum driving by with a boombox turned up to thousands of decibels. And sometimes the garbage trucks pick up the garbage at 3:00 a.m., dropping the dempsters over and over on the concrete.<br><br>Power outages are frequent, and have fried our VCR and also our computer printer as well as a couple of other things. Be sure you have good surge protectors!<br><br>The two shootings and the series of burglaries that occurred in the past 3 or so years were not conducive to a feeling of safety. <br> <br>We are very glad that our circumstances finally are allowing us to get out of here.<br> <br>The new owners think they are going to sell these as condominiums. I doubt it, but let them try; the joke will be on them, but anyone foolish enough to buy a condo here will probably regret it.
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Park West Apartments

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