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Polo Club Apartments

8519 Cahill Dr

Austin, TX 78729



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Office Staff
Resident 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/26/2012
The only reason I am still in this crap hole is because that's all I can afford. This community is very deceiving. The outside of the property has been repainted, but that's it. The most common issues are AC, mold, dust, parking and the appliances don't always work. that's right, they do not always work. the only time anything is fixed is when you actually move out. The people who live here are trash. There are many abandoned cars and the office doesn't do anything about it. The rent has increased 3 times and the water bill has never been less than $45/month. I don't even have a washer in my unit and I pay $45 month for water. the walls are paper thin. The trash that lives here has absolutely zero consideration for others. Music and TV volumes are up all the way through crazy hours. last night I was awaken at 3:50am to what sounded like someone was tearing walls down in the apartment undenearth me. A lot of welfare people live here,a lot! The office people are liars. every single one. They are lazy and useless. try using big words with them, you'll see what I'm talking about. If you need to live here cause that's all you can afford then you'll have to, but if you can afford any other place I say do that. you will be miserable here. Completely miserable.
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Polo Club Apartments

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