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Polo Club Apartments

8519 Cahill Dr

Austin, TX 78729



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Office Staff
Resident 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/28/2012
Well, it did improve to some degree after Greystar purchased it and then stopped accepting section 8 housing vouchers. There was a mass exodous of scum bags moving out over the summer. Lots of abandoned cars no longer taking up parking spots. However, the improvements are not great enough to cause me to want to renew my lease or to recommend some poor family move into this cesspool. Especially since they are jacking the rent up and will nickel and dime you. You can go to another 30 year old complex in the area for close to the same rent of maybe even less and get much more plus a complex with a better reputation. It is not worth the rent price at all. Our electric bill was $190 for one month in the smallest 2 bedroom plan which is not even 800 sq ft. We are on a first floor shaded unit. The unit is dusty. So it is not air tight. I have to change my filters twice month. People walk their dogs and let them defecate on the parking lot. The latest was they are letting them defecate in my reserved parking place that I pay for. People do not pick up after their dogs either. You have to watch out in the grass. People throw their taco bell and McDonald's all over the parking lot. Get locked out of the laundry room so leave the windows unlocked and climb in. Office didn't give them the codes apparently. The office is a cluster. Disorganized and lazy. Manager is fine. We are happy to be moving out of the neighborhood which has been deteriorating over the past few years.
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Polo Club Apartments

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