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Preserve at Wellsbranch

1773 Wells Branch Pkwy

Austin, TX 78728



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 01/08/2007
To give some perspective, I am a first time renter, but I have to say I like it here. The trees are nice and make the place seem more livable. The outside could use some paint, but the insides are well maintained. The maintenance staff can be a tad slow at times, but most of the office people are very friendly and will actually recall your name on the spot.<br><br>There is a ton of parking. Unfortinately it is not the best lit. And while it is a gated lot, the gate breaks frequently which allows anyone in. There is not assigned parking, but it is generally fiarly easy to find a spot near where you are. There are some seemingly deserted vehicles, but they seem to be well removed from the general parking.<br><br>I will say that the office isn't always johnny-on-the-spot with information. They will drop letters at your door without you knowing; which is a problem if you are away for a time. Best bet is to stay in touch with them.<br><br>Probably not the best area for the elderly, there are steps and stairs everywhere, and if you can't find parking directly near your apt, expect to walk a few feet.
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Preserve at Wellsbranch

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