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Radius at The Domain

11900 Hobby Horse Court

Austin, TX 78758



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Office Staff
Resident 1998 - 2004 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/13/2005
I lived at Hunters run from 1998 till 2004.<br>Reasons for such a long stay at one and the same apartment complex being:<br>1. It was literally next door to my work (I work for IBM).<br>2. It was reasonably priced for the time.<br>3. My friends lived there.<br><br>As soon as the proximity to my workplace was no longer a consideration and my friends left this apartment complex - I moved.<br><br>I lived in 4 different apartments in that complex during that time, both in phases I and II.<br>Overall my experiense was close to satisfactory, but not quite. ;-) I would not recommend this place to everybody. Depends on what you are looking for in an apartment.<br><br>Leasing office staff: Invariably rude and incompetent. I had seen leasing office staff completely change several times over during my years there. Unfortunately, they all, without exceptions, had really bad attitudes about their job. That seemed to be the criteria by which they were hired. At one point, by mistake, they gave apatment that I was about to move in in a week to somebody else. When I came for my keys to the new apartment - they told me I was on the "waiting list". Great! No apologies or anything. Had to rent an apartment different from the one I wanted, all in less than a week time. Another example, - when I finally moved out, having given them the move-out notice, 60 days in advance as they required, they did not let washer/dryer company guy into my apartment to remove them. They said they did not have key release authorization from me. And that was a day or two after I had already moved out, returned the keys to the apartment, and my lease was officially over. Moreover, I told them in advance that the equipemnt will be picked up a day or two after my move-out date. They said that would be OK. As a result, I was charged almost a month worth for washer and dryer rent, till they finally were able to enter the apartment and remove the equipment.<br><br>Noise:<br>Depends on who you neighbours are and where in the complex you live. One of the 4 different apartments I rented there was in the phase west of Hobby Horse and right above the pool. I had some serious problems with noise coming from the pool area, especially coming from drunk pool parties after midnight. Police was called several times. Tenants represent a curious mixture of mostly quiet IBM workers and young colledge kids. If you are lucky - you will rent an apartment next to the former; if not,- next to the latter or some other undesirables. There are also train tracks east to the complex and Mopac to the west - with all the consequences.<br><br>Crime:<br>My car window was smashed, and the car was ransacked, but luckily I did not keep there anything of much value at the time. Also nice hubcaps and a trailer hitch cover were stolen from my new truck. My friends had their tires slashed. Given that there are no garages, only covered parking, - this might be a serious problem if you have a nice car. <br><br>Grouds are unkempt.<br><br>Overall, I would not recommend this apartment to myself now. But, to be fair, I have to say, that I have been renting in this country since 1996, and I could not really call any one of then to be my "apartment home" (as they say in their brochures). All apartments are just that - a temporary place to stay, even the most expensive ones.<br><br>
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Radius at The Domain

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