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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/06/2007
I agree with most bad things said. My experience here hasn't been great, but not horrible. The main problem is the office staff I think. I think if we had new management alot of the problems would be taken care of. <br> Parking is a big problem. It is a total joke. You better get home before 5pm and not planning on going anywhere for the night or else you won't be getting a parking spot. And even when you pay for a covered space like I do, it gets taken, and when you call the courtesy officer to get it towed, nothing happens. So then I checked into a garage, $100. I'm not paying $100 for an empty space, when the reason I need it is for a place to park because the management doesn't know how to deal with the parking problem.<br> Our water bills are outrageous. And when you try to talk to the office about it, or any problems you might as well be talking to a brick wall. So yes, our rent might not be too high, but we're making up for it with the water bills and etc. Oh and also, for the expensive water you pay for you'd think you'd get some water pressure out of it. Ha, have fun washing dishes, the water pressure is a joke.<br> There is also the living with the ants and roaches. Which we have been treated for and treated for over and over and we still live with them. The ants are EVERYWHERE, all the time, I am so fed up with it. And anywhere you walk in the complex you better watch out for the ant beds because they are everywhere. Which makes it quite fun while walking my dog who is allergic to ants, I have to constantly pull him away from all the ant beds, that are everywhere even in the winter.<br> There's also the 6 people living above us in a one bedroom apartment that make noise all day and all night. I swear they bowl and play soccer up there or something, it's ridiculous. We have spoken to the management about it, but it's still the same. <br> Oh and wait, we don't even have a property manager right now!!! So have fun dealing with the leasing agents who know nothing.<br> On the upside, it is a pretty safe place to live. You don't have to worry about your car, if you can find a place to park it. I've never seen or heard any loud partying, it seems to be nice families or older couples living here, and not a bunch of wild college kids. The only noise complaint I have are our upstairs neighbors. The grounds are pretty well taken care of. It's in a good location, besides the Parmer traffic. Easy access to 183, the new toll road, 1431, Mopac, not far from I35. It's close to the mall, a Walmart, Target, plenty of eating places, and anything you might need.<br> So... it could be worse but it definitely could be better.
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