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12300 Riata Trace Pkwy

Austin, TX 78727



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Office Staff
Resident 1999 - 2000 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/12/2001
I really hope that this does not sound like bitter grapes to any of you out there - however, I am being perfectly lucid and sincere when I say do NOT choose this apartment complex. <br> <br>I lived here for a year and a half when I first moved to Austin. The facilities are indeed very nice, and the neighborhood is safe. However, the management is very malicious and at times inept. There is nothing wrong with the buildings or the facilities -- just the staff! <br> <br>1. While I was out of town on business, they towed my vehicle! I had not moved it in a while, and although it was parked very much out of the way, had it at the apartment complex for over a year, registered it with the office, it was towed. The reason that was given is that I was storing the vehicle, which was not allowed. It was over labor day weekend, which meant that I could not find this out until 3 days later. The bill was $175. There is NOTHING in the lease that says anything about this. In addition, they use a wrecker service in another county -- the austin police weren´t even called in this matter! <br> <br>2. The apartmets pay police officers to harass people using the outdoor basketball courts. One individual was arrested when he refused to go get his Riata ID. (he was a resident.) An officer in an unmarked car pulled up to me while I was walking to the courts and started griping at me. I had no idea who this stranger in a car was, and kept walking. The officer (also a resident) got out and pulled his club, threatening me. This is the sort of goons that Riata likes to use to keep vagrants who pay 700 bucks a month in rent in line. <br> <br>3. My mom sent me cookies for my birthday. I got a note in my mailbox that a package was waiting in the apartment manager´s office. The personnel in the office could not find the package. I kept going back, and finally, 10 days later, it was found. They were just reading the label wrong. (Black ink on a blue box.) Needless to say, the cookies were a little stale. <br> <br>These are the worst 3 times they screwed me over. There were lots of little things, like changing the hours at the gym. I would not be surprised if they start charging for the gym sooner or later. <br> <br>Please, don´t make the mistake of moving in here. I have already swayed almost a dozen people at work (new hires) from moving there. <br> <br>
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