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River Oaks



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Office Staff
Resident 2000 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 09/22/2005
I also have to say that I do agree with the previous comment...Lori (correct name), who is now the asst. manager...is absolutely wonderful! She has been at River Oaks for quite some time now. I am very pleased to see her get the promotion that was so well deserved! The only down side to that is we don't get to see her as much anymore!! She has always been there to take care of any needs that the residents need! We do have to take into consideration that there is a process for anything that needs to be done, especially work in our homes, which I don't really feel the blame is correctly appropriated. I appreciate the fact that every time I come into the office, I am recognized on a first name basis...that to me means that they care about the residents that live here! It is great to see a familiar face every time as well. I have been happy since the day I moved in. It is also nice to have the two new girls, they are very pleasant. <br>In reading the previous comments, I can also see where there must be some mis-communication on the titles of the people in the office, as when the old asst. mgr was there, I always thought she was the manager, by representation, and she was very rude. ( that must be who was being commented on in previous comments) I am surprised by the comments about the manager, as she seems to never be in the office! I didn't even know there was a 4 person team there, I always thought it was 3! She is never existant...so I find that a little strange! <br>The grounds are kept beautiful and I too love the new business center. I am also very excited about the new basketball & volleyball courts going in! I will recommend this community to anyone I know needing a place to call home, and I have! We are all very happy here and I do not foresee that changing! Thank you to all who work at River Oaks...you are great!
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River Oaks

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