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San Marin Apartments

3625 Duval Road

Austin, TX 78759



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Office Staff
cbgbs • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/25/2007
where to begin---how about the low life management. i give them my rent check, they cash it (it clears my bank) then 15 days later i get a notice that says i haven't paid my rent, all these fees have accrued, and i am scheduled to be evicted. what gives!?! so i show them the check has cleared and they only reply with "oops our mistake" yet they still REQUIRE ME TO PAY THE BS FEES!!! stating that "they don't have authorization to reverse late fees"...are you kidding me! my car has been broken into TWICE yet the management company still refuses to put any kind of cameras or security patrol in place. the office staff is incompetant at BEST and can't help you until "they ask someone else what to do". i haven't had a maintenance request yet, but my neighbors tell me they take their sweet time getting around to it. this place is a dressed up slum and i can't wait till my lease is up. oh yea--how could i forget...the walls are PAPER thin, its great when you get to hear your neighbor and his girlfriend going at it every single night. not to mention the meixcan polka music banging from upstairs while the office staff refuses to do anything about it, their attitude is "its your neighbor, YOU go talk to him".
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San Marin Apartments

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