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San Paloma Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 09/11/2005
I live on the third floor by choice (no chance for noise from above). I rarely have issues with parking and I don't have a covered spot or garage space. The apartment itself is what you make of it. I find the layout to be acceptable (2br 2bath) and the size adequate. The kitchen is a bit small, but then again cooking a meal for 10 is unlikely anyways. I wish there were more electrical outlets.<br>When we got the apartment it smelled and looked great. As for the noise, I've gotten notices mornings after nights I thought were relatively calm so I can't imagine there being any real trouble. I've never had an issue with the noise from my neigbors and if I did it seems that the office is quick to respond to complaints. Trash is a pain in the arse but only because I'm on the third floor (I chose noise over this convenience). Otherwise they pick up twice a week if you leave it under the stairs.<br>There are many little bonus things you get since you are outside the city for about the same price as being there. For one the pool is gigantic, but on a Saturday it's hard to find a place to lay out. Also, watching 25-35 year olds getting drunk at 2pm on a week day is pretty depressing (seems to be common). The weight room is alright, with a minimal amount of free weights, and some OK machines (arms chest legs & cardio). I've never been in the cafi in an entire year of living here. The office offers a few rental movies (free & mostly cheesy). <br>One last thing.. the gates around this place seem to always be broken. If for some reason you think you need a gate around your parking lot (pretty absurd anyways) it's mostly useless. Since it's broken so much they leave them open a lot. <br>I recommend this place for people working around the area and students at UT (like me). As a student I find the commute to be pretty damn annoying sometimes as the traffic is unpredictable unless you leave at 6:00am.
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San Paloma Apartments

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