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San Paloma Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/18/2007
First of all, San Paloma is only good at painting you a pretty picture when you first walk through the door- as soon as you sign the lease (and pay the deposit UP FRONT before getting approved) you realize they could care less about you as a resident. The whole idea is to hook you by promising top notch service/apartments but what they deliver is old carpet, ratty worn down looking buildings, lack of parking, poor maintenance (which takes too long), and a genuine lack of concern for their residents. Before even approving you for an apartment they make you pay a deposit AND sign a lease so if you don't get approved you can be stuck with losing your deposit (this is how they make money). Recently there was some pretty bad weather (icy steps, icy pavement, snow) and the San Paloma management company could not even take the time or consideration for their residents to put out sand or rock salt to help prevent falls and accidents. When I called to ask for sand since the steps of my building were ridiculously icy, i was told this was a liability issue therefore they couldn't do it. Amazingly however, the management company keeps the office open so they can sell their apartments. San Paloma truly is ------ in the worse sense of the word. Hard to run a professional business when you refuse to provide the quality service, and merely just provide a front.
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San Paloma Apartments

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