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San Paloma Apartments



Prospective Resident · 2014
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Office Staff
I can't attest for the living environment but I can tell you that if they treat their residents like the treat prospective residents, then you should run away from here as fast as you can. My apartment locator office called this complex to see if they had an apartment that matched my needs, budget and move-in requirements. We were assured that they did and we drove like mad to the place to secure the apartment (I was even going to pay in ADVANCE for the entire lease). When we got there, we were aided (or more like insulted) by a leasing agent by the name of Megan. Megan seemed nice at first, with her smile and asking what we needed. Once we let them know that we had spoken to the manager about the apartment, she immediately let us know that the apartment was not available for fewer than four months. I specifically asked if we could do THREE months because that's how long I need the temporary living arrangement and we had been told that it was possible. Well, when we got there, the tune changed and Megan said that it had be four months and not three. We asked to speak with the manger and she said: "Well, she's on lunch but whatever." Whatever? Nice. I'd hate to see what her response would be to a maintenance request. Based on the reviews already here, though, I think I have a pretty good idea of how she must respond to requests to do her job. Anyway, we asked the manager (who walked by and who we had spoken with over the phone) about the apartment and she said that three month was fine, as long as it was three full months. So, doing some basic math there with her, we determined that even if I moved that day (yesterday), we would still have the three full months (June, July and August). The manager then left and we turned to Megan to continue the process and she said that the manager was wrong. She insisted that it had to be four months and that perhaps the manager had not understood the question. After a lengthy explanation that she (Megan) just witnessed, how can she even say that the question was misunderstood? So, we waited again to clarify the situation we had been told about over the phone could take place, but this time Megan walked over to the manager, CORNERED her in the mini open office that was next to us and then they both came out saying we needed to stay until September. Wow! Really? Needless to say, throughout this entire conversation and from the moment we walked in, this Megan person was less than professional. She was rude, condescending, impolite and I have no idea how she landed the job and why she's still there. I used to be a call center customer service supervisor and I can't tell you why she acted like that but I can tell you that a professional she is not.
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San Paloma Apartments

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