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San Paloma Apartments



Resident · 2013 - 2014
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Office Staff
Run away, head for the hills... My cautionary tail is a buyer beware. I should have read the comments about this place. Newer to the area I didn't know...But I learned the hard way. All of the prior tenants are right this is not a good place to do business with. I could only tell you my experience when I lived there. My lease was only a year, and i was short on time. I signed up. Safety On site courtesy police where were you??? We were robbed at gun point in the parking lot of my front door. I made a report with APD and went to speak to the property manager about the situation and she told me that there is not any cameras outside of the front office and that stuff like this doesn't happen here. Lies, my neighbor ended up moving out after a year, due to two burglaries in a year. Luxury pool that's how they sell you, but this pool is often over runned by too many people and their kids running around knocking stuff over. Another neighbor got staph infection from the hot tube. So there went that idea. My last outing to the pool was on a random Tuesday, I took my kids to the pool and left shortly because there was drunken idiots making fools of themselves stripping and getting naked in the middle of the day. Interior They only use matte paint that soaks up everything, to be able to add on repainting fees and their carpet not the best quality comes up from the seams and my door hinges form my bathroom kept falling off and i would put in work orders to have it replaces. they would not replace it because according to them they would have to charge me for the whole thing. Kitchen my outlets kept going out and my light bulbs had to constantly be replaced. the faucet sink shot up at my mothers face during thanksgiving dinner. No maintenance would come for the next 4 days cause it was a holiday. So I had not water in my kitchen. Mom's fine she had a bit of mini black eye, she'll live. Maintenance laughed when I told them the story. NOT FUNNY!!. AC/Heating Apparently my a 3br 2b is such a big unit that my ac would not reach to the master bedroom. Maintenance said that my cooling unit was 100% functional. front office said that i should put a fan at the door and leave it open to get circulation. During the winter I bought a heater cause there was not heat. I Pay $1200 pluse a month and i don't get a fully functional unit. I don;t think I was asking for anything that wasn't listed in my lease agreement. trash pick up only have Mon. and Wen. to put trash out side with only one small compactor on the other side of the complex. who wants to have trash in their house for the next day? yuck!! I like my place to look nice and residents would put their trash out every day of the week and it was not always picked up. walk through Here at San Paloma they don't tell you this, but i learned that they don't do walk-through, you have to schedule 2 wks prior. I had to stand in the office and demand that someone be at my apt prior to turning in my key. During the walk though they told me i should expect to pay the discussed amount. I had to wait the full 30 days to get my final statesmen so i would have the itemization with my final utilize, which is standard. 30 days later the discussed amount was to be 3 times the amount discussed, I called the apt council and they stated that since I didn't have anything in writing i didn' t have much of a case. San Paloma threaten that if i didn't make payments I would be sent to collections by the next business day. I am pursuing other actions due to this. I hope this cautionary tail is helpful in advising you to seek other places to settle in.
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San Paloma Apartments

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