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San Paloma Apartments



Resident · 2016 - 2017
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Office Staff
I will post this review EVERY MONTH so that it stays on top and visible for anyone thinking about choosing this place. I am writing this in hopes of saving others from making the worst mistake of you life. It's to late for me, but you can still drive away. DO NOT! And I stress again DO NOT RENT HERE! It the WORST MISTAKE YOU WILL EVER MAKE! 1. If you never want to sleep again, rent here! The walls/floors are paper thin which mean even if you are walking normal EVERYONE sounds like a damn elephant above you. 2. Your apartment will constantly smell like smoke and not cigarette smoke. It comes up through the vent and no matter how much Febreze you use, you and everything you own will smell like weed. I almost got fired from my job because of it. I had to take a drug test to put them at ease. 3. If you like you car being broken into or vandalized, rent here! The glass pieces around the complex are not bottles in door windows! 4. If you don't mind your apartment being broken in to, rent here! 5. At night there are NO LIGHT! There are so many pitch black spots that it isn't safe to walk around. 6. If you like bed bugs, rent here! I had to get rid of ALL my furniture. Don't believe them when they say that they spray and they don't have bed bugs. They come in from other apartment and then blame you for being the dirty one and expect you to pay to get rid of them. I never had bed bug before and I've rent for the last 7 yrs before moving into San Paloma. Read the other post here. IM NOT THE ONLY ONE. 7. If you love ROACHES, move in! They have tons of them. Yet they you do! 8. If you like to pay for everyone else's use of water, rent here! You DON'T get a bill for what you use. Example, I left home for a month and I still came home to a $70 water bill and the next month wasn't any cheaper. It must of been the ghost showering. 9. Oh and if your unhappy don't even try to get out of your contract. They will ask you for $900 as a re-lease fee and if they can't rent it out you have to continue pay on the place until they find someone or you find someone. Yes, they want you to do their job for them too. Lazy -------. Now they want to ruin my credit because I chose to not live in such bad conditions. No way! I smell class action LAWSUIT! 10. They claim to be "FAMILY OWN" and they are because a corporately own complex would have better standards. They are greedy SLUMLORDS is what they are who do not invest in the property. I hope anyone who comes across this complex read this before they make the mistake of visiting. I hope you turn around, I hope those that live there now leave as soon as you can. Do not renew your lease and those looking your better off (on so many levels) finding some where else to live.
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San Paloma Apartments

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