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San Paloma Apartments



Resident · 2019
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Office Staff
These people are notoriously vindictive against residents who make repair requests. The entire staff is the family of the owner and are allowed to do as they please with little respect for the resident paying to live here. Quiet hours don't apply and-if you have an issue-the office refuses to deal with it and tells you to contact the police. These people try to take the cheapest way possible out of everything. Their "professional landscaping" must have been beautiful-LONG ago. What remains is absolutely shameful. The sprinkler system just creates large puddles around the property-several of which fully obstruct the walking path, forcing you to walk around it, dodging piles of dog waste as you do. And instead of picking up the waste left behind by irresponsible pet owners, the maintenance team simply runs over the excrement when they mow the grass-chopping it into tiny pieces and scattering it around the grounds. Then, when it rains, EVERYTHING reeks of dog ----. Garbage is collected several times each week, and left in the walkways under the stairs on collection days. Often times people are late leaving their garbage out, because anyone with a job isn't home it time to put the bags out. Anything left becomes a feast for a fat family of raccoons. In the mornings, there is waste from the bags torn open by raccoons covering the property. What a charming place, right?
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San Paloma Apartments

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