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Saratoga Ridge



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Office Staff
Resident 2002 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/10/2005
Obviously the previous comments that were written all contain the same things over and over so it could only mean one thing... they were written by the staff! Not one other person felt good about this place where they were living! Everyone I spoke to complained about parking... the staff says pay for covered parking... then you do that and it is forever away from your apt or they don't have any close that are available. They go on and on about the trees and all, but if you go out of your complex you are surrounded by low class people and it is totally not a safe neighborhood to be walking around in.. especially at night! Then the talk about the gates to the complex and the security.. the stupid gates are constantly broken and left open so why would you feel safe? I never permit my children to go out of the apt. at night which are 14 years old and 12 years old due to the fact that I worry someone will stop and try to pick them up. The office people, especially Judy and Heather favor the tenants and talk trash about them to other tenants. I was a witness to this! The quiet time at the pool is 10pm, but when the management throws parties at the pool... they make and exception for themselves to be drunk and loud until the are ready the go inside. Your carpet is clean when you move in, but after a few months the stains slowly start the surface and the apts. are too cheap to replace the carpet. My tiles in my kitchen would stick to my feet and come up off the floor, I had ants all of the time, and the management never does anything about neighbors blasting and thumping their radios whenever they please. They act very nice to your face and when you move out... they are -------! I wouldn't recommend these apts. to anyone. Just ask tenants for yourself before you move in and they will tell you some of the same things!
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Saratoga Ridge

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