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Texan Pearl



Resident · 2011 - 2012
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Office Staff
The people writing these reviews have clearly never lived in New York or any other large city if they are complaining about this building. Rent is pretty cheap (I pay $1295 for a 1 bed/bath, including cable, internet, parking, and water), and the apartments are decent. Management isn't great, but I only deal with them a few times a year. I'm also not an idiot, so I know that if I don't pay my rent on time, or one of my roommates doesn't have their deposit in, there will be problems and management won't be as nice to me. It's just common sense. I've never seen bugs of any sort, which is definitely a plus for me. The one thing I will say is that it can get really, really loud. I think it's worse if you have an inward-facing apartment, because all the sound echoes around. I'm usually out, so I don't care about weekend noise, but waking up to massive dubstep sounds at 8 a.m. on a Tuesday morning gets a little old. Sometimes I can hear my neighbor through the wall, and it sounds like the apartment above has a horse that gallops back and forth. Also, it seems that every single night some idiot gets locked out of their apartment and bangs on the door for at least an hour. I'm amazed that their roommates refuse to get up and let them in. I've also definitely had drunk people try to get into my apartment because they think it's their place, but then again, it's an undergrad apartment complex - things like that are to be expected. It's also quite convenient to campus, and to me, the whole West Campus area is pretty safe. And compared to the alternatives, like the Block and J26, the Texan properties are MUCH better - J26 is the ------ of WC, and the Block is pretty bad as well. If you really want to avoid all the typical loud nights and bad management of West Campus, live elsewhere in Austin. One more thing I forgot to mention: Ely properties will not give your deposit back. My apartment was far cleaner when I moved out than it was when I first got it, and they still didn't give me any portion of my deposit back - this is also to be expected, none of my friends have ever gotten theirs back.
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Texan Pearl

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