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Texan Pearl



Resident · 2017 - 2018
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Office Staff
I have heard Ely's reputation about bad management, and I thought, "What's the worst that could happen? I just want something 'cheap' in West Campus". The worst that could happen is they will steal your money and scam you at every turn. I lived at Texan Pearl from 8/5/17 - 7/31/18. 1. I moved out after a year, but my roommate stayed, and someone took over my room. They signed a whole new lease, and I was supposed to get my half of the security deposit back. I had communicated with Cari Strickland about the process, and I had given her my forwarding address and was expecting it 30 days after moving out, but I ended up contacting them 4 times no avail. I finally went in person THREE MONTS LATER to try and get it and then their story was "You have to get the deposit directly from the new tenant who took your room". I asked to talk to a manager about my situation, but the front desk lady said nobody would talk to me and treated me like I was stupid. I contacted the new tenant and knew for a fact that the new tenant PAID A DEPOSIT TO ELY DIRECTLY. I left them a signed letter threatening legal action if they didn't pay the full deposit back. The next day Matt Ely contacted me, and I went in person to get my deposit. They acted in "Bad faith" according to the tenant code, and I'm sure they regularly prey on students like this expecting nobody to stand up to them with legal action. 2. I had "early move in" which meant I could move in a couple days early. There was no coordination with the company replacing the flooring and the maid service that was cleaning. They day I moved in, there was a man still replacing the flooring, and it took a full week for the maid service to clean the apartment. I SAW THE SERVICE CLEANING EMPTY ROOMS THE WHOLE WEEK I WAS WAITING. I contacted Ely 3 times and they eventually gave me the maid company's contact info. I had to end up talking to the maid company myself to finally get somebody to clean the room. Room also had a lot of damages that, no doubt, were charged to the previous tenants, but weren't fixed until I placed probably 8 maintenance requests for them all. 3. My garage door opener had a dying battery, and I had them replace it. When I tried it after, it didn't work and they wanted to charge me $100 for a new remote that's worth $12. I ended up talking to Jeremy Sanchez and got a new remote since I had received an old one, and I wouldn't take no for an answer. CROOKS. 4. Texan Pearl is a very low quality building, no insulation, bad paint job, thin walls, high electricity bills. Water bill is AVERAGED OVER THE WHOLE BUILDING. Don't try to conserve water because you'll be charged for everybody else's use. 5. The only redeeming quality was that maintenance was pretty good about repairing things in a timely fashion. They want to rip you off at every corner. I wouldn't recommend any of their properties to my worst enemy. The extra rent you pay elsewhere will give you peace of mind that you won't have to end up in small claims court after dealing with Ely Properties.
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Texan Pearl

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