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The Arbors of Wells Branch

1831 Wells Branch Pkwy

Austin, TX 78728



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gaski1992 • Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/25/2007
I am Not impressed at all with the staff here. <br><br>We moved in on December of 06. everything was fine for a couple weeks. Then the Tolet would not flush properly ( Water would rise and just swirl around( I needed to try 2 to 3 times in order to get it to flush althe way.) <br><br>I put in a work order and 3 days later their was a copy of it on my door when I came home from work that just said "ok" no discription of what work was done nothing. <br><br>Ther next morning when finishing my business the test ! correct toliet did not flush properly. I had to let the water fill and re-flush 3 times in order for it to flush properly. So one fine day I was back in the office, and asked again to put in a work order. the lady put a work order paper on the table and told me to fill it out, this put me out a bit as I assumed that as a service they would fill the work order out. I filled out the work order and stated that I dont like to pay $649.00 a month and the facilities do not work properly, one week went past and nothing....so back in the office I go and asked about the status of my work order, the person there (not the one I spoke with eariler) did not know what I was talking about but took my phone number and told me she would look into it and assured me that she would call me...I recived no call. Some time later I recived a package so while picking it up I again asked the ststus of my work order and explained again in detail way the tolite does not flush properly. she apologized to me and explained that they were going through changes, and then personaly filled out another work order. That was 1 week ago and still nothing !! I also wanted to go into the pool one day and sit in the sun for awhile but the door was locked so I ask about access and was told that I should use my weight room key. well I was never was issued a weight room key, of corse I was not belived and was told that I should have been issued a key when I signed my lease. The person looked 5 minutes for a key but could not find one, and told me that she would order one for me. That was 4 weeks ago, and I still haven no access to the pool. So I have a choice, hope that the door is open, jump the fence, or cut through the office. <br><br>The insolation in the apartment is bad, my energy bill for January was $ 288.00 bit better for Feb. it is $193.00. The heat comes on and it warms up, 10 munites later its cold again. I have put a towel under the door to the patio to keep the cold out. <br><br>Not to mention the loud neighbors banging the doors and the dog barking at night. <br><br>I would not recomend living here. I signed a 6 moth lease but plan on buying out real soon just to move away.
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The Arbors of Wells Branch

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