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The Barrington at Park Place

3220 Duval Road

Austin, TX 78759



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NvrTellALie • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/06/2007
I really just have a few complaints. I don't think the price is reasonable for the problems you run into and I had a lot of problems when I moved in...<br><br>The entrance gate has been broken since I moved here in July 06 (And they told me it would be fixed within that month).. <br><br>broken refrigerator although it was fixed promtly<br><br>HORRIBLY foul smell from the carpet and I had to convince them to replace it<br><br>mold in the bathtub (which is tiny) corners and the little ledges for your toiletries and all they did you fix that was glue some sort of rubber seal over it! <br><br>The hot water runs out in like a good 15-30 min shower. <br><br>My washer had some water pressure problems but they fixed it and I really love the fact they are included! <br><br>The bedroom (in a 1 bedroom) stays noticably hotter in the summer and colder in the winter.<br> My AC broke at one point during the summer and was given that "maintence is short handed" speach then I told them I was pregnant and they sent someone out ASAP (I was preg). Then my heater went out recently around 2 in the morning on Christmas. The only man on grounds was a painter and he couldn't fix it but he did come out and try (I had to stress the fact that I had an 8wk old baby to the operater) I just used the stove and slept in the living room to keep warm. the next morning someone came out to fix it, he's really nice, apparently this place hasn't really been upgraded and the building are 20 years old.<br><br>My mailbox was broken for the first 2 months, and so was my sliding balcony door (it didn't lock, thank God I'm on the 3 floor). <br><br>I had a neighbor who owned a pitbull. As a baby, it cried and cried because they'd leave it on the balcony it was hard to get sleep, and when it got a little older they didn't really pick up it's poop from the balcony so it smelled awful! I finally callled complained. they sent them a lease violation i was told but then were finally evicted because it was a pit. that happened in only about a 2 weeks time, so that was pretty promt.<br><br>I personally don't think it's too loud here, but I'm used to city sounds like cars and sirens.<br><br>A lot of the problems weren't fixed in a timely manner, so to get the ball rolling I recommend writing a letter saying you'll get everything fixed yourself and deduct the cost out of rent. I personally can't wait to move, but I know a lot of places are worse!
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The Barrington at Park Place

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