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The Manor Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 1993 - 1995 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/20/2005
When I first moved to Austin I was looking for the right price and I knew nothing as to where to live and this apartment complex was close to my job. What a rude awaking I had the first night all my tools were stolen out of my Jeep. I saw a man walking away in the parking lot with my tool bag. So I thought this was my fault and started watching every thing. I saw my beautiful large apartment in the day time and even took my grand parents with me and they could not believe what a great deal I had. Well as the nights went buy I got a new feeling of fear because of all the drugs being sold out in the parking lot. I could never use my patio because of fear and I never had my windows opened. When my friends came to visit they would leave early as we saw tenants casing their cars. I thought to myself What Have I Done I had a year lease.<br><br>Things never got any better my freezer had no door on it so it turned into a block of ice so I had no where to keep any frozen items and the manager never fixed this problem for me. My dishwasher leaked all over my kitchen floor and this was never fixed for me. I thought to myself I should just stick it out until I could afford to move. When I had to do my laundry I made sure to do it in the morning early because I was afraid to do it any other time. They had a camera in the laundry room and I thought it would be safe but I am sure it did not work. Getting my mail was a joke the mail boxes were broken into every night. One night I came home late and went to get my mail and a man jumped me trying to steal my gym bag. I carried all my important papers with me because some one broke into my car and raided the glove box to steal my personal information. I was able to fight the guy off. I came home one night after Christmas shopping and my front door had been kicked in and most of my valuables had been stolen. They even had Cops that lived in the complex with reduced rent, I know because I met one the night my door was kicked in. My front door was never fixed until I held back my rent to get my door fixed.<br><br>This place was a nightmare and the entire time I lived there I told myself this is what I get for being at this level of income and a better paying job would help me get out of here. Sundays were all the same very loud music all day long and forget trying to sleep in on your one weekend off a month. I had mice in my kitchen and I cant tell you about the roaches crawling over you in bed at night and I saw pest control once, so again I took care of it. I prayed that my AC would never go out in the middle of the summer but it had the smell of mold or it was just old. I never went to the managers office for any reason because I had no trust in. My car was towed when I parked in the same place as every one else for fear of having it stolen or out of my site and one side of the parking lot no one used because the fence was tore open with bolt cutters and people came threw the fence to case and steal from cars. I went to the manager and found out he was new and towed my car. I asked him if he understood why we parked the way we did all he cared about was towing cars and the coast of this hurt me a great deal.<br><br>I did get to move out with a better paying job and I have learned a lot from this experience and now I have a 100 lb dog and I can leave my windows open.<br>
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The Manor Apartments

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