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The Preserve at Travis Creek Apartments

5604 Southwest Pkwy

Austin, TX 78735



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EmilyE88 • Resident 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/10/2015
Me and My roommate moved into the Preserve at Travis Creek about a mth ago. They look really nice they have wonderful amenities and they come with full size washer and dryers! Big plus right.... Well with in four days of us moving in the apt above us had a water leak, we don't know if someone is living in them or maintenance caused it all we know is that it leaking into our kitchen,'dining room' allies master bath the floors were wet the ceiling had water damaged, we had two big --- dehumidifier and fans they also broke her jewelry box and try to place it back on top like it never happened. I asked if they could do anything about this you know knock off some rent or do something to make this right all they said was no sry you have renter ins for that, okay great I know what ins is for its just GOOD costumer service! For that the front office lacks. So the office manager talked to her boss supposedly and they got $50 off of our rent, seriously ppl shove it up ur ---. Also when moving in my fan was making this god awful noise they said they put a work order in I waited a couple of days and had to call them to tell the to basically fix it now (in the nieces way possible) then a couple of weeks go by and now the dryer is broke. They said they can't touch it because it's under warranty they had to order a part. It's been about almost three weeks now we don't have a dryer. They said we can go use the show model dryer during business hours. UM no thank you, y'all can rent us a dryer until ours is fixed, once again good customer service ppl!!!. And to add our back sliding glass door track is all kinda of messed up so we can't open it unless we never want to close it again (They also said they put a work order in for that. HA!) Also I've never lived in a place were I didn't feel safe. Supposedly they had a break in at the front office and then during thanksgiving they sent out a mass email that a car was stolen. Then I was just walking back to the apt from the gym and I saw 4 cop cars in the parking lot. Then I came in and Allie told me that a very expensive package got delivered today by fed ex and she checked the tracking and said it was delivered and sure enough it wasn't at our front door nor in the office. The front office acts like they don't care about the residents, sure they say it in emails but most of those are pre typed and actions speak louder then words. They just clock in and clock out. They work for us we help them get a pay check they need to not forget this important fact. Yes some things may sound petty and dumb but it's the principle that matters. Very disappointed in these apartments. They need new management/office staff and obviously a cop around 24/7.
The Preserve at Travis Creek Apartments Manager12/15/2015

Emily - thank you for sharing your experiences as this allows us the opportunity to improve services where we can. We are saddened to realize that these issues were not resolved to your satisfaction as that is never our intention. We invite you to come into the office to speak offline if there are any lingering issues as well as to discuss any ideas you may have related to safety. We look forward to the opportunity to rebuild your trust and provide you with a great home. Sincerely, Your PTC Team

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The Preserve at Travis Creek Apartments

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