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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/15/2007
I liked living here at first (Feb '06) but now I am counting the days until I can move out. Despite some people apparently thinking the new management is better, I never had problems until the change. Maintenance had to move a fire sprinkler in my ceiling (about 1 inch) and left a 2'x2' hole in my bathroom ceiling (along with all the drywall, paint chips, etc. on my floor/counter that I had to clean up. That was about 4 months ago. Each time I have asked the office to take care of the huge hole, they have written something on a sticky note and then of course never fixed it. A package UPS left in the office was mysteriously not there, and they were incredibley rude and acted like I was being unreasonable for expecting them to have it.<br><br>I live on the 1st floor facing the courtyard, and I seriously cannot go a day without having a pile of dog crap right outside my porch. The kids above me apparently don't find an ash tray necessary, and there are always loads of cigarettes laying around, including a few that have burned holes in things on my porch, and yes, hit me when I was out there. Broken beer bottles are quite common, which I really appreciated when I had to take my dog to the vet to remove shards of glass that had not been cleaned up from her paw. <br><br>Too many immature, inconsiderate kids, who find it necessary to scream back and forth across the courtyard at 4am during the week. Apparently they can't simply keep their annoyingness to themselves, as many times when I've gone outside at night with my computer they felt the need to shout at and bother me b/c god forbid I feel like a smoke break while I'm actually getting my school work done. Oh yeah, and the lovely fire alarms... they are ungodly loud, and quite enjoyable at 5am for 50 mins (no, no actual fire though).<br><br>So unless your main concerns in life are being an annoying, drunk college kid living off of daddy's money, you might get a little annoyed with living here.<br><br>Ahhhh that feels better...<br><br>p.s. the track lighting is too high to change the light bulbs yourself, and the last time I put in a service request to replace some every single light had burned out before they bothered to come
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