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Resident · 2014 - 2015
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Office Staff
I had a mix experience. Office staff been always been nice with me and always tried there best to help me whenever I was in need of any help, but they are bound with the policies and cannot go beyond policies. There are few things which have disappointed me most, but apart from that, everything else looks fine to me: 1. Apartment Trash Service. You dont have the freedom to throw your trash the time you want to throw. you need to wait until 6 PM to throw the trash and cannot throw it after 8 PM. If you forget to throw your trash out on Friday in between 6 - 8 PM, then you need to live with the trash, smell, bugs and flies for 2 more days. You even cannot place the trash in Patio. Really 2 hours of window for 5 days a week otherwise compromise with your health!!! I For the management, exterior beautification of the apartment is more important then the health of the human life. Imagine you need to travel for a week on Sat and you forget to throw the trash out on last Friday in between 6 - 8 PM, now that trash will stay within your apartment for next 1 week and lead to health hazard. One day one of the staff member made me to pick my trash bags from the curb and bring them back in my apartment which stayed in my apartment over the weekend and invited flies and bugs. It was all because I was travelling out of city for the weekend and was leaving at 5.30 PM and I tried to throw the trash at 5.15 PM and couldn't have waited until 6 PM. I have been told that if you will leave it over here before 6 PM you will get lease violation letter. 2. Lights and fan in non master bedroom: You will get lights and fans only in master bedroom. For them having a 2 bedroom apartment mean that you will be living only in master bedroom, thats why they dont provide you the fan and lights in 2nd bedroom. to get lights and fan in 2nd bedroom, you need to pay extra.
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