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Tintara at Canyon Creek

7655 North FM 620

Austin, TX 78726



Resident · 2017 - 2019
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
The apartments are pretty nice and a good value for the price. The third floor units have vaulted ceilings which makes the space feel much bigger. Unfortunately, the office staff are consistently unpleasant and rude except for one guy who works the front desk occasionally (Miguel I think). The rest of the staff treat you like a nuisance whenever you have a question or concern, particularly the lady at the front desk when collecting a package. It's amazing to see her pleasantly greet a prospective tenant right in front of you, then turn around and speak to you in a condescending tone. I wish I could recommend living here, however the lack of respect for tenants from the office staff is severely disappointing. Once you've signed the lease, they no longer care to help you. The maintenance issues are frustrating to say the least. We had 3 or 4 separate work orders for our AC unit. Last spring/summer it kept going out and the temperature was rising outside. This was a real concern for us as our dog was home during the day and living in a 90+ degree apartment, however that wasn't a concern for the staff. We were told to open a window to let the cooler air in. There were two maintenance guys that came in the evenings to fix things. One was a more heavyset man who was pleasant and seemed to know what he was doing. He would be in and out and have our AC back on within an hour of us calling. The other guy was tall and white with glasses and he would bring his girlfriend or wife along with him each time she came. She didn't seem to be an employee of the company as she wasn't wearing the maintenance uniform. While he was 'fixing' our AC, she would be poking around our kitchen and laundry room and looking at us to see what we were doing. It was very strange and it made my wife very uncomfortable. Picking up packages with the lady at the front desk (I've seen multiple other reviews about her) was almost impossible. It seemed like I was wasting her time to come in and ask for a package. If it had my name on it, it was still annoying to her to have to do her job, but if my wife's name was on it, (she has not legally changed her name) it was a huge hassle even though she had sent an email as requested by the staff. For some reason, the lady at the front desk was never able to find this email, although the guy that worked up there didn't have the same problem. This combined with the fact that after we moved out, we were supposed to drop off the final account payment in person, a few weeks after moving to another city, is ridiculous. They don't say this anywhere when you are signing termination papers, or when you're handing in keys. I had to call them when I realized I couldn't pay online. That's what prompted this review, the straw that broke the camel's back I guess. The only other option is mailing a money order, which could go to anyone, or anywhere and leave me no recourse. Fortunately, my wife is willing to make the trip back to see her friends and can drop the money order off in person and collect a receipt of payment. I don't trust the staff to not screw us over one last time. I do not recommend living here under any circumstances.
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Tintara at Canyon Creek

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