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Towne Oaks II

615 East Wonsley Drive

Austin, TX 78753



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AustinRobinHood • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/19/2005
Dont move here. We have lived here a few months and it has all gone down hill - just in this short time. <br><br>I work nights so it is especially important that the afternoons and early evenings be trouble free. This is not the case. In the summer, kids swim in the <br><br>pool ALL day long with NO SUPERVISION. I have actually seen them in the pool for a full 9 hours - with no parents. I even had to scold a child for riding his <br><br>scooter along the pools edge to "see how close he could get" without falling in (a very dangerous thing to do). Another time, I actually watched he and his <br><br>friend put their scooters in the pool to wash them -- during office hours. At night, the adults visit the poolside to hang out, drink, and socialize. This <br><br>certainly does not stop at 10PM as the sign suggests. On one Sunday afternoon, I was woken by a mini motorcycle being driven by a teenage boy around the pool <br><br>while I presume his father stood there watching. I kid you not - this happened. On several occassions, at 4am - a large group of fellows feel its an <br><br>appropriate time to swim in the pool. On another occassion, we have witness a guy and girl swimming naked at 2am. <br><br>One day we went out early morning and arrived back home at 5PM. The neighbors were setting up for a party. There were 32 guests (I counted) visiting one <br><br>tentant that blocked our entrance into our own apartment. <br><br>The view -- old wooden gates with barbed wire over the top to keep out the rif-raff - or keep the rif-raff in. I am uncertain which it is. <br><br>The "world class" fitness center has two working pieces - the treadmill and the stairstepper. Its been four months, so I dont believe this is a priority. The <br><br>glass mirror on the wall has about a two foot crack. It hasnt been taped over or repaired. I watch the maintenance lady go into the workout room each day at <br><br>11am. Yet, the same Diet Pepsi can has sat on the chair for 3 weeks. I suppose she has more pressing engagements talking to one of the tenants which she <br><br>visits daily after she "cleans" the workout room. I actually witnessed a father and son using the equipment in the workout room one day. The boy, maybe 7, <br><br>had no shoes on and was running on the treadmill at 7 miles an hour - the fasted the machine can go. At anytime, I waited to see if this young boys foot <br><br>would be yanked off by the belt on the machine. The father was oblivious to anything. <br><br>Not long after we moved in, I went to drive through the gate to get to work to find that someone had run into the gate the night before and it was bent so <br><br>much that it couldnt be opended or closed. I had to yell for a homeless guy on the other side of the "in" gate to give me a hand to open the "in" gate to get <br><br>out and go to work. <br><br>Although it is said to be a pet friendly area, I wouldnt advise it. The lease says a dog must be on a chain at all times. I have seen some with dogs right <br><br>next to the pool in their own gated area not be able to let their dog run free because maintenance and the woman with children dont like it. The same women <br><br>that allow their children to come up to the gate and throw things at the dog while it tries to pee pee - even when it was on the chain. Other dogs are <br><br>allowed to roam free and defecate in the same yards as animals that are told had to be cleaned up after all times. Its my opinion if the office manager feels <br><br>intimated, you can do anything you want. <br><br>Currently, there is a young office worker - I have seen him on one occassion chugging back beers with the thugs that live here. This makes sense, as I have <br><br>heard thats why the posted office hours dont really apply - as he leaves early to go to his job at a bar. When I sleep during the day, I hear him conversing <br><br>with the tenants - he is even more obnoxious than they are. I suppose he can be - he doesnt live here. He just parties here. <br><br>UPS and USPS leave packages at the office when you are not available to sign for them. I have yet to locate a package that was signed for by the front <br><br>office. Its been three months, I dont think I will see this package.<br><br>The inside of the apartment I live in is nice. The rooms are big and the closets even bigger. The showers are nice and hot. The kitchen is smaller than the <br><br>closets and the appliances are WAY outdated. It is not well insulated however. On a good windy day, I can hear air coming in through the cracks in the <br><br>window. With the windows closed, one can still here everyone outside, the neighbors coming in drunk from a party.... We havent slept one full night since we <br><br>have been here - and are counting down the days until the lease is up. It has been said that there are people that have lived here over 30 years. This can <br><br>only be one of a handful of reasons. 1- The place has undergone three changes in as many years so one can attribute all the issues to poor management that <br><br>have taken over right before we moved here. 2- These tentants just cant afford to go anywhere else. <br><br>The waterbill is said to run $18 - $20. This month it ran $31. The next week after receiving the bill, we received a note that morning that we would not have <br><br>water from 9-5 as thet were putting in a new line. I can not help but think we are paying for a faulty leak. <br><br>The published $550 - $600 price is not correct. The apartments upstairs are $625. The apartments downstairs are $675 - plus water bill. The gas bill is included. <br><br>Three things could be done to make this place better 1- Actual management - currently there is a leasing agent as I spoke of before - management needs to <br><br>enforce the rules as outlined in the lease, on signs throughout the apartment complex. 2- Video cameras that monitor what is happening when management is not <br><br>here - and things they obviously miss when they are here, or supposed to be here but they arent. 3- Select a leasing agent that doesnt find temporay housing for his friends. More honest working tenants would make this place a 100% better. Until this happens, I give this place a thumbs down. <br> <br>
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Towne Oaks II

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