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Tramor at Oak Run



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Office Staff
kungfucandy • Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/14/2005
When you take a tour of Oak Run, your first impression is generally: "Beautiful scenary, very rustic, nice community, nice office staff". Then you tell them you want to live there and that's when the problems start. First of all, they take forever to get you approval to live there, then it's preparing the lease (for a few weeks) and then, for us, it turned into them not even knowing/remembering the move-in date they told us and not having the apartment cleaned or prepared. When you finally get to move in 2 weeks after you were supposed to and having to room with friends in the meantime, a whole new breed of problems occur. Now while I think it's cool they have a mini-dog park, but dogs seem to own this place. If it's not dogs running around and my boyfriend and I almost hitting them with our car in the dimly lit complex, it's the neighbors letting their dogs bark, howl and yelp uncontrollably from 7 AM up until 7 PM. When dogs aren't waking you up at ungodly hours, it's the constant noise from maintenance. For the past week they have been hammering SOMETHING (Lord only knows what!) for HOURS EVERY SINGLE DAY! OR, you know, it's them having to come in your apartment to check/set off your smoke detectors (and then charge you for $100 for every one that doesn't work - your fault or not). When maintenance isn't making noise, they are leaving all sorts of notices on your door, of which they do not give you adequate time to a) KNOW ABOUT or b) prepare for. My favorite is the water shut off notices, which happens all the time, by the way. It's nice when they leave a note on your door an hour before it happens, so when you go to take a shower before work, nothing comes out of the showerhead. Speaking of water, that is another HUGE problem with the apartment/duplexs here. Our apartment has been flooded 3 times (due to heavy rainfall and poorly built homes)! My favorite was when our entire living room carpet was completely flooded and ruined almost all of our furniture, a good chunk of our clothes and I can't even count how many dvds. We had to breathe in moldy stale air until our carpets dried out. I actually had to go to the doctor because they air quality had put me in such poor health. Our AC leaks, our refridgerator leaks, SOMETHING in the bathroom leaks (we have yet to find out what), the tubs are peeling, the doors are falling off the hinges and crooked because the foundation of the duplex is jacked up, any time it rains, the flame on our gas thingy outside goes out because it is too low to the ground, you can't just USE the pool or broken gym, you have to pay $10-$35 for keys, and apparently (according to the internet) there is a registered sex offender living somewhere in the complex etc. I mean, seriously, the list goes on and on. On top of this, deposit, PET deposit and rent are unfairly high, given the poor living situations. I feel incredibly unsafe at night in the complex, because, as I said previously, it is so poorly lit. And the icing on the cake? OAK Run - the oak trees being one of their main selling points of the apartment, right? Yeah, since I've moved here, they have cut down at least half of the beautiful scenary they advertize. Well, that was probably after all of their precious oak trees came smashing down into peoples houses any time it rained.<br><br>The only nice thing about this complex I can say is that I've never once heard my nextdoor neighbor and it is about 5-7 minutes away from Barton Creek Mall. Cool, totally worth high rent I pay. As Borat would say.... NOT.
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Tramor at Oak Run

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