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University Village at Austin



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collegegirl21 • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/31/2007
I laugh as I read all the reviews because they are 100% true. Crossing Place just changed managers and its STILL a complete joke!! I had to transfer apartments in this complex due to my roommates using an illegal drug that I did not want to be around. But, I know someone who was in almost the same situations and didn't have to pay the transfer fee because of the situation they were in but yet I was still forced to pay a $200 fee when my roommates were doing something illegal and beyond my control. Then, I finally get the transfer processed (2 months later because management was switching over and neither one of them had their act together) and they give me a transfer date. I show up that morning at 10:30 to move and NOTHING is ready. Long story short...they hadn't sent maintenance out to check the new apt and it wasn't ready so I didn't get to start moving in til 4:30 (6 hours later). I move in and find a list of things wrong with my apt, including the fact that there is NO FIRE ALARM!!!! I put in a maintenance request and 2 and a half weeks later its still not fixed. It took my dad calling and telling them if it wasn't done that day they were calling the fire marshall (the manager called me back in 10 minutes, no lie, to say maintenance was on the way). Lighting: forget it, it's dark and creepy outside. One of the things on my maintenance request was that the flood light outside my building isn't working and now a month later it is STILL not working despite my complaints. <br><br>Long story short, I don't feel safe, maintenance never responds quickly, new manager is more concerned about all the remodeling she is getting done rather than taking care of her current residents, paper thin walls, security guards that could give a damn what anyone is doing, and 24 hour maintenance they claim to have does NOT exist. I'm telling you...you can spend this kinda money somewhere else and be much happier. Don't judge a book by it's cover here....it might look nice but all the stuff on the inside that should make it run is completely ------!!
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University Village at Austin

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