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Volume 5



Resident · 2010 - 2011
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Office Staff
I liked it when I first moved in, but over time I started to hate it. By the time I was nearing the end of my lease I couldn't wait to get the heck out. I didn't really have any cockroaches but one time I opened the curtains to find my window sill/window COVERED in flies. It was the most disgusting thing I've ever seen. My apartment was very clean when that happened. Still grosses me out. The exterior needs work. The interior is fine, it's not ugly, but there is absolutely no natural lighting. Maybe if you're on the other side of the building... but I was on the north side and got no light in my apartment at all. I had no issues with my hot water or water pressure at all, until about three months after I moved in. Then one day I got a notice that there was a problem and they were going to be "fixing it" that weekend. Once they "fixed it" I suddenly had no pressure and no hot water. This problem lasted for the remainder of my time in House 2500 despite asking maintenance to fix it about 3 times. Quarterly maintenance checks became mandatory while I lived there. They would knock on your door, and it didn't matter whether you were dressed/available/indisposed--they INSISTED on coming inside. I once asked them to go to someone else's unit so I could get dressed real quick, and they REFUSED, and practically forced their way into my apartment. Roscoe would give notice that they would be coming sometime in the span of three days, but that was all the notice they gave. My car got broken into while I lived there. There were tons of creepy people walking around at night. The place's only saving grace was the convenience store directly across the street because at least I could buy beer on a moments notice. There is no place to take your dog to go to the bathroom-- and that little field thing across the street is filled with feral cats/cat feces and broken glass. There were tons of dead birds lying around the apartment complex (talk about a health concern...) and every time I tried to report it, whoever answered the phone blew me off. The washing machine screwed up my whites repeatedly. The neighborhood blows, unless you're a hipster. And with the way the east side has been taken over by annoying UT kids it's not even cost effective to live over there. I moved there from Hyde Park and regretted that decision every day. And last but not least I've been gone for nearly 60 days and STILL haven't received my deposit. I called them and asked every day for weeks and all I got was a run around from them, saying that a check had been written and sent, and that they were going to call their accounting office and then call me back. I never once got a call back. Then finally they gave me some story about having to wait another week to make sure the check wasn't cashed and then at that point they'd issue me a new one. I waited their "week" (which was more like two) and they finally agreed to reissue me a check, but it wouldn't be cut for another week. Well... still no check... Good luck.
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Volume 5

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