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Westdale Parke



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Office Staff
Buggified • Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/14/2005
I moved here October 12, 2004 from another city. There was one lady in the office that was very nice; once she left it was downhill. A day after I moved in I asked the people in the office if they can send someone to cover the cracks in the sink and bathtub- the manager told me no, so I asked if they can give me something so that I can cover it and the manager told me that I am “more than welcome to undertake it as a weekend project” and they will not reimburse me. As of now- there is a huge ring of rust in the bathtub around the drainage hole- I mean half an inch, and the cracks in the bathroom sink are also rusty. I bough a concealer myself, but it’s not enough to fix the bathtub rust ring.<br><br>My downstairs neighbors were an Indian family and so my apartment always smelled like Indian food and curry, but they were very nice. You know how the a/c is above the bathtub- well, when I’d turn on my water about half would run on three sides of it in my downstairs neighbor’s apartment. They came and told me and showed it to me. I wrote a total of four letters to the office and had them sign them, and he wrote them letters too, but still it took them a week and a half to fix it. The first guy they sent said he fixed it but didn’t. So they sent him again- still not fixed. Finally on a Sunday night we got a maintenance guy who works on weekends only- he came in my bathroom and with one look he knew what was wrong and fixed it. During that week and a half, my neigbour requested that I not shower because the leak was very bad and there are electrical cables there- he told me I could shower at his place. Half their bathroom tiles were covered in mold- I don’t mean just in between the tiles. But since his was not my apartment I will leave that alone. I showered at a friend’s house that week and a half, because it was a potential fire hazard to shower at my place.<br><br>When Wesdale took over I found out that Dalcor actually stopped giving the management money and that Wesdale now had 1,500 uncompleted work orders.<br><br>Since Wesdale, the new management has taken over a lot of changes have taken place. The people in the office are actually nice- except one, where with Dalcor they were all really rude, but if something stopped working at least they tried and sent someone over. Wesdale doesn’t ever send anyone. There is a lot of construction, because this place was so neglected. I am glad they are bringing this place up to par, but since I work 3rd shift and sleep during the day it has been a pain in the ---. It is very quiet when the construction people are not working near my building. The person that wrote “09/16/2005 New Management - Pain in the ---” was correct about everything! It is dark now, since Wesdale took over they obviously don’t know how to work the lights, because they were on during the day and off at night, and most of the time they would flicker. Now, the lights are always off.<br><br>In this apartment I have had problems with the water 3 times in the last month: first I had boiling hot water- even when flushing the toilet. It took them two days to fix it (I had to shower at a friend’s house), and then the third day the water was turned off, and once it was turned back on there was only cold water. The management told me that someone will be over to ensure that the water works fine- no one ever showed up. For whatever reason when you shower the water goes from hot to cold, hot to cold. Another time one of the construction people put a nail through the pipes, and so the water was turned off again for a whole day. Then about a week ago, “the city” was supposedly fixing the pipes, and so the water was turned off during the day for three days. Which pissed me off, because that meant that I had to shower as soon as I got home at 6 am and couldn’t brush my teeth before I go to work.<br><br>One night I heard noises from the a/c vents. I tried to be optimistic and told myself it was a squirrel, but called the apartment people right away- since it was a Saturday night I left a message with the answering service. Nothing was done, when I went to the office they said nothing can be done until Wednesday, which is when the pest control guy comes. One the pest control guy came I haven’t had problems since. However, my friend and I actually saw the rat (probably about 6 inches or more) climb the tree and onto my roof. So, it was not a squirrel I heard.<br><br>When my garbage disposal broke I walked into the office three times and called everyday for a whole week asking them to put in a work order. I know it’s not an emergency, but they should get to in a few days at the most. Finally, a week later I walked in there and yelled at them, I didn’t even tell them my apartment number when they tried to calm me down- I just yelled. Only then they sent someone while I was still at the office. I guess that’s how they like to do business- have their residents yell at them.<br><br>The only time they did something right away is when my mom came and visited and saw a big cockroach in my apartment- she caught it in a bag, went to the office and yelled at them that if it is not taken care of pronto then she will break my lease and sue them for unlivable conditions. Like I said above- they like being yelled at- it’s the only way they do business apparently.<br><br>My toilet stopped flushing one day a couple of weeks ago- they still haven’t sent someone out to fix it. Outrageous! I had a friend come over and fix it. <br><br>And supposedly the electricity will be off for a whole day in the next couple of weeks because they need to fix something. I hope all the residents here are aware of that and have ice for their groceries for when that happens.<br><br>Also, there is much less parking nowadays, and supposedly they are going to start towing cars, because people who shouldn’t be parked here take up the parking spots. So, I was told to get a sticker for my friends’ cars for when they come to visit so their cars won’t get towed. I think that is going overboard.<br><br>They plan on fining residents if our balconies are not clean. We used to have private balconies with wood, now it’s thin rails so everyone can see inside- and I live on 2nd floor!!! Also, because they want this place to look nice they had Time Warner come into every apartment and redo the wiring so that it’ll be on the inside and not outside. Again, I sleep during the day- this pissed me off.<br><br>Maybe they are too busy with construction to care for their residents, maybe when the construction is over it’ll be better. My lease is over this month. I don’t know if I’ll stay to find out.
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Westdale Parke

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