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Westdale Parke



Resident · 2014 - 2015
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Office Staff
EDIT TO THIS REVIEW: The second year living here has been very different for me. This complex has a huge rat problem that hasn't affected me until the past month. Rats have been getting into my kitchen and eating my cat's food (yes, he is old and useless at solving the rat problem for me) and leaving droppings everywhere. When I informed maintenance of the problem, they did not respond or do anything to fix the problem. I had to set a trap for the rat myself and kill it. Afterwards, I went to the office in person to tell them about this and ask that they seal the hole under the dishwasher that the rat entered through. Maintenance again did nothing, but marked "work completed" on the online maintenance request portal. I went to the office in person to ask that they seal the hole, as there were signs that another rat had been entering the kitchen and leaving droppings everywhere. They said that they would seal it that day. They didn't, but sent someone to seal it the next day. I'm still hearing evidence of rats in the walls and I think they may be finding their way into the kitchen. This complex is clearly not concerned about the rat problem and that is a huge health concern. My neighbors have also seen rats and reported the problem to no avail. I am currently attempting to see if there is a way I can move out early. Currently living here, just renewed my lease for another 13 months (didn't give me a 12 month option, haha. Price: paid 649 for the first year, mainly because I had a flexible move in date. Went up to 689 for this year. This is for a one bed one bath. Honestly I feel it's a bit overpriced for the old, outdated appliances and carpet, neither of which are in great condition. For what apartments in Austin are going for right now however it's about average. Location: other reviewers have said this, but your cannot beat it for location. UT Far West shuttle stops right at the complex in two different spots, there's a great HEB less than a mile away, post office, library and ARC are RIGHT THERE. I am not currently in school but I work somewhat close to campus and the commute to there is a breeze. Very peaceful, lots of trees. Maintenance: fortunately haven't had to call them very much, but they seemed to be prompt when I did call. However: my particular building had a rodent issue. My downstairs neighbors actually had mice eating their food and chewing on the floorboards. I fortunately never saw any mouse (probably thanks to my two cats) but I definitely heard suspicious scrabbling in the walls, particularly at night. I let maintenance know and I believe they've addressed the issue. Parking: in my particular section I've had an issue finding a spot when I get off work (I get off at 11pm, which is a bit late). I feel like if I'm paying to live there I should at least be pretty much guaranteed a spot and not have to park in the street. In conclusion: If you're expecting beautiful, modern apartments with staff that caters to your every whim, you probably won't be looking at apartments in this price range anyway. But if you're like me and just want a good location with basic needs met, this is probably the place for you.
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Westdale Parke

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