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Westdale Parke



Resident · 2013 - 2015
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
Let's start with the pros: The front desk staff are nice and friendly, with a lovely attitude. Now the cons. You might ask 'What did this place do to receive a 1-star review'. Well let's start with the bedbugs that were there when we moved in that bit my eye in my sleep. The mold in the bathroom that caused my roommate to wake up every morning and puke in the shower. The two floods we had. The fact that even when it rained and DIDN'T flood, the water buildup meant I had to wade through a lake to get to my door. The ceiling of my closet collapsing due to a leaky pipe, causing all my possessions to get damaged and soaked. The poor quality and speed of any repairs (a complaint I had with the water went unresponded to, no matter how many times I reported it, for the two years I lived there). But what REALLY took the cake was the manager. She was constantly rude, unapologetic, and did absolutely nothing to make our issues even remotely better. She did the bare minimum, sure. She got rid of the bugs, paid for flood control, etc. But she didn't even consider taking any steps to fix the property damage, physical injury, and overall severe inconveniences the apartment caused me. Even when I went in after I moved out to pay the severely over-inflated resident statement, she was rude and tried to cause me even more inconvenience by saying my check was late when it wasn't. DO NOT GO TO THIS APARTMENT. It is the worst I have ever lived in, and you will only regret the experience. And if you're in upper management for this company, PLEASE fire the general manager for this property. If she'd actually treated me fairly, kindly, and worked to prevent the issues I'd had, I'd still be living there.
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Westdale Parke

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