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Westdale Parke



Resident · 2015 - 2016
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Office Staff
I thought I was getting a deal for signing a 15 month lease for $851 in a convenient part of town, Buuuuuuuuuut I've had issues with the apartment community since day one in September. I moved into an apartment that wasn't ready. There was clearly no walk-through done there was dirty vents and fixtures, holes in the walls, missing base boards, spider webs, broken closet shelving, painting that needed to be done, etc. While those things were fixed in a timely manner, there was never any explanation for why my unit wasn't ready on move-in day. It was such an inconvenience as I took off to move in and have furniture delivered. I ended up having to reschedule my furniture delivery because I didn't trust that they would avoid painting my new furniture. Fast forward to March 30th and here I am with a persistent mouse/rat problem. It's been occurring for at least 3 months. I've reported it to the management and they ask "have you seen it?" I even trapped a live mouse and took it to the leasing office. Only then was any attention paid to my service request. To my surprise they made "repairs" the next day. Upon inspecting their minimal repairs I found a hole in the cabinet and put in another maintenance request. It took them 12 days to come back to my unit in response to this request - which included photos of the hole in the pantry - only for them to tell me they found no hole. They never checked for a nest so now the rodent is back. It eats through the food packaging in my pantry and leaves poo droppings in the drawers, cabinets, and pantry. I left them a message and had to go to the office to notify them. Now I'm waiting again until they have staff who will complete my service request. It's really is shameful that a potentially disease carrying rodent isn't a priority. To no avail I've purchased traps and bait without finding it. One even dragged a sticky trap across the kitchen. I'd love to know where my mandatory $3/month pest control fee is going, because it sure isn't being spent on pest control. Everything you read about the gym, walkways, stairs, and parking lot is also true. It's not kept up and management doesn't seem to care. Go get your money's worth somewhere else!
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Westdale Parke

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