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Resident 2003 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/15/2005
The previous commenter who said these are not honest people is right.<br><br>Do not sign a lease with these people. I'm months into my lease, and we all get a notice saying that starting October we will be charged $5 a month for trash removal "as per your lease". Then they threaten that if this $5 isn't paid you will be charged late fees and so forth. Thing is, my lease DOES NOT say that I will be charged for trash. <br><br>On a bunch of our latest lease agreements there is a box for what they do pay for, and "trash" is not checked. I've never paid trash before, and I hadn't been expected to MONTHS into THIS lease agreement. But since they didn't check that box, they're claiming that, at ANY TIME, they are able to charge ANYTHING! So, they charge *just* $5 ($60 a year) so people's radar won't go up too much, tell people it's in their lease, most people won't check their lease, do it midway through their lease when no one can do anything about it anyway, and assume everyone will just pay it. And as long as they don't specify anything in the actual lease, they think they can do whatever they want. So in a year they'll start telling people it's $10 instead of $5, and people will think "oh well, it's just another $5", etc. This is a way for these people to get thousands extra a year.<br><br>So do not be fooled by the rent prices--here you pay for everything: water, trash, pesticide (yes, really), utilities-- everything. And they leave it to where they can claim they can do whatever they want whenever they want. You assume things will be like they have been in previous leases because there is no addendum specifying what you will be paying for, no mention of charging for trash, and they get you part of the way through simply by not checking a box. That is a very shady way of doing things at the very least. ***UPDATE***: I was just advised that they cannot do this. If you did not sign an addendum specifying what you would pay for trash, items 15 and 18 in your lease preclude them from doing this.<br><br>Aside from that, they don't know how much deposit you paid. It's noisy here, it's dishonest here, the water still does not work all the time, and they charge for everything.<br><br>Oh yes, it's pretty clear from some reviews here and at other Westdale properties (Indian Creek, Greystone), that management is going around writing fake reviews about how great they are. As one commenter at one of the other complexes noted, they're clearly management because their reviews read like an advertisement. Not at all surprising. Within five years they'll be on the news like Dalcor.<br><br>I pay my rent on time all the time and this is what I get. Who would want to sign a lease that can change, and the change is entirely dictated by the property owners?!?!
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