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Westdale Pointe



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/09/2007
My roommate and I moved here exactly a year ago and this was the first place we've lived in Austin. We got a good deal on rent but soon after we got settled things that we were told needed maintenence attention by the complex employees weren't taken care of. For example, chipped bathtub paint. They were insistant on getting it fixed ASAP but when given a full week to tend to it nothing was done. When I went in to mention it the "note" was written on a post-it and then later thrown away with the excuse that a "temp" had been working that day and just was careless. Our screen door had some problems and the guy came in, shoved what looked like a bottle cap under it and said "don't touch that thing." We still have door problems.<br>Our water gets shut off randomly with very little notice (usually the day before).<br>And now rent is going up.<br>I'd say that the complex is livable, and the maintenence guys are very nice (and apologetic) but the customer service could use a little help. I guess we get what we paid for, huh?<br><br>p.s. if you work late and want a decent parking space when you get home at night...think again.<br><br>oh! and one more thing...we were told that some sort of gym would be built, arranged, whatever...the only thing that was used for was the maintenence guys daughters 15 mninutes of fame on MTV.<br>
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Westdale Pointe

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