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Woodstone Apartments



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movingsoon100 • Resident 2006 Recommended
Reviewed 11/19/2006
The buildings are typical 1970s construction and have been maintained fairly well. Our appliances are also from the 1970s and are starting to show their age...the fridge is very loud and missing 2 shelves. The turntable inside the microwave doesn't turn and it takes 2-1/2 minutes to boil water. The oven is missing a shelf. For some reason, the tub is peeling and the water pressure is variable.<br><br>The new management is pretty slow to get things done and don't seem the brightest bulbs in the pack. Right now, 2 machines in the laundry room are broken (and have been broken for at least a week) and one dryer is completely broken and several others refuse to dry at "whites/hot" setting. What's most disturbing, however, is that there is no maintenance emergency line to call. This past Friday our downstairs neighbors lost electricity and had to wait until the manager came in the next day (at 10am) to report the problem (it's still not fixed and they decided to stay elsewhere). Our heater won't turn off, but the manager did not listen to the messages when she came in -- and when I called to report the problem in person, she was nice enough but less than knowledgeable about when the repair might happen.<br><br>This place has a great location, convenient to MoPac, 183 and The Arboretum area. The neighborhood is excellent -- I feel very safe jogging at night. There's also a Walgreens, Randall's, and Mangia Pizza within walking distance.<br><br>And the rent is reasonable. <br><br>The management *might* mature as they get used to the place...or they might not.
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Woodstone Apartments

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