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Copper Canyon Apartments



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BUDluv • Resident 2000 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/10/2007
When I first moved there in the year 2000 it was great, but after being there for years it got worst by the time. Ican remember that it was a fun place to live till you got to know the manager, she was a lying and a thief and a drug user an a cheater on her husband,(which I know personaly, good man)She would have sex with several residents which I know personaly,She would always talk about them to the people at the pool area when she was DRUNK. I know one night her and one of the resident went to the race track Lone Star and got drunk an later got into a fight around 2:30A.M making all kind of noise of the night, and later heard them in the back of the apartment fighting, while later the man threw her car keys,purse and cell phone in the creek behind that the apartment complex. Also I know that she usus drugs alot at the time I was living there. Also there are other residents know that she is on drugs.If you pay by a money order be sure you check the tracking numbers to whom it got paid to, cause I have seen her take a money order paid to Copper Canyon but put it in her account, by changing the it to Bank One at the time it was Bank One.The people that live upstairs apartment are to pay higher rent,but that's not true,she will lie to you about that.The person that i knew was paying 30.00 less then I was after 6 yrs.This manager will talk about you when you move out for what ever the reason it is. If you were to move out on your own or force you out cause she didnt like you for her boyfriend at the apartment.
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Copper Canyon Apartments

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