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Copper Hill Apartments

3000 Bedford Rd

Bedford, TX 76021



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Office Staff
Resident 1997 - 1999 Recommended
Reviewed 09/09/2005
When I first moved in, the place was superb. Totally spot on and ideal in every respect. The staff was friendly and helpful and I'd even stop in to say hi on trips to the weight room. The 2nd bath toilet had a problem once. When it happened again after they fixed it, they just replaced the whole thing. Wow! That was great.<br><br>But then came the change. The property was sold to Equity and the brought in a totally new staff. I really enjoyed the location and the unit, so I went for it and renewed for a second year.<br><br>The lady manager they first brought in was quite a pain to deal with. I walked in one day and saw them on the Internet and teased them a little. The next day, my pager goes off with the apt. #. I'm freaking out, thinking the place is on fire or something, but it was only her, whining about how she was really offended by me accusing them of wasting business hours playing on the Internet. Totally off-base and ungrounded crap.<br><br>She was nothing compared to the guy that came to replace her. What a tool. He was a problem from the word go. When birds were nesting in the dryer vent (on the side of the building out of my reach) it took several calls to get them to even come out. When they did, it was halfway removed and it took just as many calls to ask them to finally put a grill on the vent when bird nested again. He also refused to honor an agreement for a semi-annual carpet cleaning, because he knew I was not renewing and was using that as a way to cost him all the money I could. Any apartment I live in can tell you that I ask for a thorough carpet cleaning 2x a year - getting stuck with secondhand carpet sucks, so I like to leave the place better than I find it.<br><br>It is my understanding that manager is long since gone. I liked the place a lot and was interested in moving back at one point, but for only a little more money I have a bigger place with garage parking.<br><br>If not for those crappy Equity managers, I would've been happy to have stayed there. It was a great floor plan and it was the only place I've been that had a patio that I actually enjoyed facilitating.<br><br><br><br>
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Copper Hill Apartments

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