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Huntington Glen Apartments

2900 Harwood Rd

Bedford, TX 76021



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2008 Recommended
Reviewed 04/01/2008
My hubby and I moved here in August 2005 and left March 2008. We have lived in 2 apartments in 2 different buildings. We first lived in building E on the parking lot side and then building J again on the parking lot side. The issues we have encountered are: 1. there is air in the hot water pipes and they do make a knocking sound then turned on...not repairable 2. the hot water boiler has to be serviced frequently approx. once every three months, this means you will have no water on these days from 8-5 pm...if it goes out then you have not hot water till they can repair it. the longest we have gone without hot water is 2 days. 3. there are electrical surges, put everything on a power strip. also the power seems to go out with every storm, have candles and keep a flashlight in every room. 4. there are NO ceiling fans or overhead lighting in most rooms. the rooms that have overhead lighting are the kitchen, laundry, closet and lights on the mirror in the bath. you will need alot of lamps for the living, office and bedrooms. 5. the patio doors will open when windy, keep then locked at ALL times. We have come home and had the doors open! 6. Your rent will go up $30-$50 everytime you renew a lease. So for the best money sigh for a year at a time. Our first lease 12 month was $550, second was $580 and then third would have been $610...we moved to a bigger apartment for $650 and then $680. It just keeps going up.....and the property just keeps getting older, they don't figure in depreceation since it was built in the 1983. 7. parking....yes it is crowded, buildings towards the front seem the worse, they also seem to be the younger crowd who have several people per apartment. 8. there is a same sex couple (women) who haved lived here forever and they make out in pool in the summer...i'm talking EVERY NIGHT!!! this is also the reason we not longer have a hot tub according to a neighbor who has lived here 10 years. I recommend if you live here you live on the top floor. We had lived on the top floor in both places and never had the "ceiling" noise that is common. I have visited with our neighbors and I was shocked at what they can hear. Living on the top floor also means better security. In building E the staircase is right in front of the bedroom window and the walls back up to other apartments. Our neighbors in building E kept VERY late hours and stomped up and down the stairs several times a night. We had MANY discussions with Carla (prop. manager) regarding this issue, that is why we transferred apartments. Look carefully at the floor plan, ours now there is a closet on the bedroom wall between us and the neighbors at it is SILENT! The building in the back has some residents who like there music and tv really loud! Talk only with Carla the assistant managers come and go every few months and tend to be ditzy!!! Overall: yes there have been some issues but management has usually been helpful. the outside of the buildings just got painted and remodeled. It is somewhat safe, I walk at nights and have never had any problems. There are car brake ins but it is usually to get big name steroes, speakers and stuff you shouldn't leave out. It is affordable compared to other cities like grapevine and euless where the prices are $100 higher per month for the same sq footage.
Huntington Glen Apartments Manager08/25/2014

It is very difficult for us to address negative comments made by anonymous former residents. We are sincerely sorry that your experience at Huntington Glen was not a positive one. Our management and maintenance staff work very hard every day to provide superior service to our residents. We encourage any residents who are not satisfied to contact the Manager and give them an opportunity to address and resolve their concerns. If a resident is not satisfied with the Manager's response - they are encouraged to contact our corporate office and to speak to the Tipton Regional Supervisor who directly oversees the community. That process is normally very effective in addressing legitimate management or maintenance items and ensuring that they are resolved quickly and to the satisfaction of all.

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Huntington Glen Apartments

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