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The Logan

1400 Sierra Springs Drive

Bedford, TX 76021



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 02/04/2007
if i have to live in such a crack house apt like these any longer i will shoot myself before those crack heads do trying to steal my car. the loud ------ music they play is insain i cant freaking go to sleep it is all night of the day. i have upstairs neighbors that have a large dog that runs up and down thier apt it sounds like a herd of ------- rinos. the shooting that goes on here on a regular basis should be enough for the apts to have like five cops on ever apt building. and o my god the dog ---- everwhere, i am a person who loves to have there window and doors open all the time but i cant because it smells like ---- and piss. and not to mention the fact that if i did keep them open some ------ will be hanging out when you feel asleep. i hate this place. its like you pay for your ------ by pay $450 a month dont move here in less you are a ------ lover or just like to hang some!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Logan Manager01/02/2017

Thank you for your valued feedback. Thank you, Cindy-Community Director

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The Logan

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